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The Premium Package is designed to propel your successful business to the next level and includes the entire Base Package plus a whole lot more.

Base Package:  Detailed description here.

  • Brand Story Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Local Listings & Directories

  • Develop Target Audience

  • Google AdWords & Facebook Ads

  • Website Design Discount

  • Website Optimization

  • Customer Tracking & Retargeting

Social Media Management:  You will get more posts a day with higher quality content on every social media platform that are designed to capture your ideal audience and engage with them on a personal level to develop and strengthen brand loyalty.  The management of your business' social media presence will not only include text and image posts but be upgraded to richer content and media such as gifs, videos, articles, blogs, custom graphics, and more that all encompass your business' brand story and core message.

Video Promo:  Included in the Premium package is a dynamic, visually riveting, 1 - 2 min, 4K Ultra HD, 'About Us' promotional video that can be embedded onto your website's home page to give a powerful, personal presentation of who you are, what your business is about, and a strong call to action to join your cause.

Business Photography:  We will also come to your place of business and take super high quality, 4K Ultra HD photos of you, your staff, your products, and your store to upload to your website and social media platforms to give your online audience the true representation of your                                       business.

Online Sales Funnel:  By signing up to the Premium package, you are investing into a proven method of online sales for your business.  Sales funnels, if structured correctly, can navigate someone through an entire online customer-buying experience where they are met with irresistible offers, up-sells, and cross-sells that are so enticing that they will pay you before ever becoming a lead.

Email Marketing:  Once we have optimized your website with calls to action, designed your business' funnel and captured dozens, hundreds, even thousands of emails, we will begin to  market to them systematically and effectively.  Our email copy writers are very skilled at what they do.  We will develop an email marketing strategy that will promote your products, services, contests & giveaways, make announcements, and more while retaining a vast majority of subscribers.  Email marketing is a very powerful tool to keep brand loyalty high; when your customers think of your industry, they should think of you.  Many business owners underestimate the finesse needed to manage the many variables that go into delivering a successful email campaign and because of that are unsuccessful in converting emails into sales and instead are plagued with notification after notification of a lead unsubscribing.  Email marketing is one of the best tools for customer retention and brand development but when misused can really harm your business.  You've worked too hard to acquire your leads and customers, don't allow yourself to lose them.

Website Design Discount:  We offer website design and complete redesigns of existing websites.  The end result is a beautiful website with great functionality embedded with all of the behind-the-scenes work that is essential to give your business the best chance to appear higher in search engine results.  By signing up for the Premium Package, you get a $500 discount off of your website design.

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