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The EMPIRE PACKAGE is designed specifically for established, industry-leading corporations that are seeking to either expand nationally, globally, or to achieve absolute and utter industry dominance.  The EMPIRE PACKAGE includes the following:

Enterprise Package:  Detailed description here.​

  • Premium Package

  • Social Media Management Upgrade

  • Hyper-Targeted Ads

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • 2 Online Sales Funnels

  • Website Re-Design

Social Media Empire:  At the Empire level, you will have already developed brand loyalty from your customers but we have to take your social media to an entirely new level.  We will begin to incorporate social media listening which includes greater insights into your competitors' social media activity, customer diversion from competition, crisis management (monitoring and remedying poor or negative reviews), exclusive and entirely customized content creation.  Furthermore, your business will experience unparalleled growth on your FB business page, Instagram, YouTube and all other relevant social media platforms. 

Dream Big Media Team:  At this level, you will earn complete access to the entire Dream Big Media Team. Every member of our team is individually specialized and an expert with a minimum of 100 hours of educational online marketing in any one area of expertise and must have met a standard of at least 10 recurring clients to earn their spot as a Dream Big Media Team Member.   In the Empire Package, every specialist of the Dream Big Media Team is required to prioritize your business in their area of expertise.  This means that you will have a dedicated team member just for copy-writing, another for FB ads, another for SEO, another for the development of your website, and another for the development of your online sales funnel, and on and on as we cover every angle of your entire online presence.  Finally, you will have 24/7 Customer Care and Support from one individual, your sales rep, who will serve as the liaison between you and everyone on the entire DBM Team.

Automation:  Your business will thrive on auto-pilot!  Our dedicated team will set up customized FB Messenger Bots to respond instantly to any inquiries about your services on social media and on your website.  Likewise, we will create the content for a Soap Opera email marketing sequence that will provide extreme value for your customers in your industry and leave them on cliffhangers to train them to open every email they receive from your business.  This will ensure that your future email marketing campaigns are a complete success converting content to sales! 

Customization:  The Empire Package will customize every aspect of your business' online presence by ethically funnel-hacking the competition.  We will create or re-design your entire online presence to achieve your goals and provide congruence of your brand story across all social media platforms.  This could entail a new or redesigned logo, website, theme, cover photos, profile pictures, business photo and videography, sales funnels.  Best of all, we will provide a customized company filter for SnapChat and Instagram.

Lead Generation:  Our team will effectively run lead generation campaigns designed specifically to capture full names, emails, and cell phone numbers of your ideal customers to prepare future marketing campaigns to.  We will fill out our buyer persona template (your historic ideal customer who generally spends the most amount of money) and use our lead generation strategies to target this specific buyer in your market.

Analytics:  The Empire Package will provide you access to weekly insights into your entire marketing campaign so you can see first-hand where your advertising and marketing budget is going, how effective each individual campaign is, and what the DBM Team is doing to bolster the effective campaigns and mitigate any lackluster performance on individual campaigns.

Team Sales Training:  The two founders of Dream Big Media will fly out to your corporation to speak to your organization and staff on tactics, strategies, and mindset needed to convert leads into sales.  This training will include email scripts, SMS scripts, Messenger scripts, Follow-Up Scripts, Objection Scripts, the formation or refinement of your business' entire sales process and follow-up process.  The DBM Team will also develop a CRM system and process in place for your business or refine your current CRM system to eliminate any gaps so no lead slips through your reps' fingers.

Inner Circle Membership:  You and 1 other business colleague get the full benefits of access to the Inner Circle Membership for as long as you remain a customer - even if you downgrade your service at a later time! - so you can learn from the entire Dream Big Media team everything it takes to build your business empire the right way.  Detailed list of features and benefits here.


If your desire is to make your business and your brand a household name, you want to build an Empire.  If you were to hire an entire marketing department for your business, they would only be able to do a fraction of what the Empire Package will do for your business.  AND it will cost you upwards of $300,000+ for poorer results!


The DBM Team is certified, highly specialized and uniquely positioned to use our extensive network of businesses and the top social media influencers of the world to explode your business and take you directly to your dreams!  If you want results for your business, you've found the right place, if you're looking to waste money, hire a marketing department. #dreambig

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